Plan Options

First-year students are required to purchase a Block 304 plan. Students who live on campus in traditional dorm units or apartments without kitchens are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are non-transferable.
2023-2024 Meal Plan Offerings are as follows: 
  • Students in Resident Halls - Block 304 Plan
  • Students residing in Suites - can select Block 304, 240, or 192 
  • Students residing in Apartment/Commuters - can select any of the above plans
Buy PlanBlock 304 
5 Meal Trades per week 
$350 Discretionary    
Buy PlanBlock 240 
5 Meal Trades per week 
$375 Discretionary 
Buy PlanBlock 192 
5 Meal Trades per week 
$425 Discretionary 
Buy PlanBlock 20
$750 Discretionary
*Note: This plan does not include any meal trades. All meals must be used at The 921
Block Plans provide a specific number of meals to use each semester at the 921 Dining Hall or through Meal Trades, if applicable. Unused meals do not roll over and are forfeited at the end of the semester. 
Meal trades will be used to purchase (1) entrée, (1) side and (1) fountain beverage from designated menu items in retail locations.
These locations include:
All LaCava Stations
*Meal Trades are per 5 week.  The use of a Meal Trade subtracts from your Block Plan. 1 Meal Trade = 1 Block 
Falcon Funds are monies that you personally add to your Falcon Fund account. They can be used on campus like a debit card. Falcon Funds are accepted at all dining locations, the bookstore, and student information desk.
*To add more Falcon Funds, please visit Workday or visit the card office in Michael Callahan Police Station
Discretionary Dollars are included with the purchase of your Meal Plan. They may be used to purchase food at any of our dining and retail locations on campus. Discretionary Dollars are a dollar for dollar usage based on menu pricing. 
*The meal plans allow rollover of discretionary funds from the fall to spring semester if you are enrolled in a meal plan. At the end of the 2nd semester (spring semester), remaining discretionary funds will be forfeited.